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Little Roller Program

This program aims to make that two-wheeled joy accessible to all children, while also offering lessons safety, community, and paying it forward. A bike can transform a kid’s life – from the thrill of seeing it under a Christmas Tree or a special gift on a birthday, a bike offers a unique power beyond any toy, but many families simply do not have the resources to provide such a gift.

Rollfast will work with it public and private partners to help identify children in need and ensure that they receive a new bike, as well, as the gear and instruction to help keep them safe while riding. But to keep this program rolling (no pun intended), these bikes are only intended for these kids until they’ve outgrown it, at which time it is now their opportunity to pay it forward – to keep it rolling – and give their bike to another child in need.

These “transitional” bikes will be cleaned, repaired, rebuilt, pimped… by Rollfast volunteers to insure the next child is receiving a cool and safe ride. All funding for this work will be provided by the foundation, and each re-donated bike with be presented by the current child.