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High Roller Scholarship

There are thousands of programs supporting mainstream sports in the U.S., such as football, baseball, swimming, and soccer; and far more scholarships and funding to help kids participate in tournaments and reach the next level in these sports. However, very few programs exist that provide funding for cycling programs, such as gear; equipment repair; and funding for transportation, entry fees, travel expenses, or training.

Cycling can be expensive, but finances shouldn’t keep anyone from pursuing their dreams and goals, especially kids.

The Rollfast Foundation helps kids with limited resources to participate in, and help excel in cycling. Through our grant program, the Rollfast board will solicit and review applications, and award scholarships for the following types of fees and costs:

  • Cycling Gear – helmets, gloves, kits, shoes, safety lighting and apparel
  • Equipment – tools and bike components deemed necessary for safe and effective participation
  • Fees – application and entry fees, licensing fees, club memberships, coaching, training, and clinics
  • Expenses – travel and transportation related expenses to attend clinics and events, such as meals, accommodations, airfare, car rental, or fuel/mileage reimbursement

Just as any other sport, cycling is a community, which is important to the growth of an athlete, student, and individual. It is our goal to help all that we can to become a part of this growing sport, and more importantly, help others grow as a person through these scholarships. Each recipient will be invited, and encouraged, to participate in the growth of others, either through becoming a Little Roller volunteer in aiding in safety instruction, repairing bikes, and especially in the donation efforts of the program, as well as, helping this program financially once they’ve reached that position in their lives.

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