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Party on wheels

The Piccolo – 25 miles built for all to enjoy

The Piccolo has been a favorite for those looking to participate in the Rollfast Gran Fondo in a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s like a party on the bike for 25 miles. For those of you that don’t count miles, that’s about a 2 hour ride with a few fun stops on the route for food, stories and fuel. Once back at the finish, the band will be done warming up and the beer will be flowing!

Party on Wayne.


Bike enthusiasts wanted

The Medio – 65 miles to stretch your legs

The Medio route is a more challenging route for cycling enthusiasts that want to add some miles. It features three rest stops and our famous lunch stop that has in past years been stocked with sub sandwiches, fried chicken, watermelon as well as your usual rider nutrition.

Sound like fun? Let’s roll.


Endurance and speed freaks

The Gran – 100 miles, go for distance or go for speed

The Gran route is our most challenging ride. Even if you have done 100 miles in the past, you can always attempt to do it faster. Our Sub4 Challenge will no doubt bring out the big guns from around the world, but if speed isn’t your thing, have no fear. We’ll be starting the speed freaks at the front and you can do your endurance ride safely at your pace.

Watts Watts Watts…