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Rollfast Staff

a look inside the rollfast brand

Matt Tanner
Matt comes from a technology and creative background with cycling coursing in his blood. He created Rollfast in 2012 with a passion for using his graphical talents and designing cutting edge cycling inspired t-shirts. Since that time, Rollfast has grown to a global brand and a marketing company with unique reach into the most highly sought after demographic. He continues to ride his bike daily, training hard for the next adventure on his calendar which usually is a Gran Fondo, European trip or local race.
Chris Tanner
Director Rollfast Foundation
Joe Locke
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Jill Delaney
Director of Social Media
Spencer Miller
Spencer was first introduced to Rollfast about 5 years ago at an indoor training center where Matt and some other members of the team trained regularly. Matt immediately took a liking to him and took him under the wing of Rollfast to help develop him in cycling and as a person. Since then, Spencer has moved through the ranks of cycling and been with Rollfast every step of the way. When he isn't riding his bike, he loves to cook. He has created his business MacroChef where he creates healthier recipes using protein powders and other products. Over the years he has grown popular on Instagram (@macro_chef) and his blog ( where he posts delicious recipes. Spencer always loves the post ride coffee stop with the Rollfast team and has even been known to eat a dozen glazed donuts in under 5 minutes. Now that's talent.